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Elina Parjanen, visual artists, born in Tampere, 1965. Elina graduated as a painter from art school in 1991 and as environmental art and art teacher in 1996. International fine arts BA degree she completed in 2004.

As an artist Elina Parjanen has always been difficult to categorize in any genre or technique. In addition to painting the various installations have always played a significant role in her production. Also her structure technique can be considered as a kind of an installation. ”A major inspiration for me to my structure technique has been in the Spanish Antoni Tapies”.

Elina Parjanen has also appeared in performances, lived between New York, worked as a photographer during the Croatian War under Finnish UN forces (as described in the materials from which installation was completed in Tampere), and prepared for a graduation project photographing the tarot cards. ”I’d never been able to restricted my art to a particular technique or theme, but I have tried to explore more and more new ways to use a variety of materials. And on the other hand I always like to choose the technique according the material I use. After I have painted an old rejected plywood I might gouge it with a knife, when the slits will be one more color. Or after I have painted a light red desert I sew a caravan of woolen yarn on the painting”.

Berlin exhibition brought two thematically different seria of art – one made by structure technique under the theme “The Tree” – and the other painted with acrylic on recycled canvas called “The Last landscapes”.

”In structure technique I combine various components such as plants, sand, sawdust, fabrics, concrete, stearin and the glittering constituents and metallic paints”. The resulting three-dimensional surface will be finished with several coats of lacquer. After long drying times due to the completion of one work may go on for several months.

Series “The Last Landscapes” are painted on old foldin screens that was found from old warehouse. Soft sackcloth-like material brings a new dimension to the works. All landscapes seem us very familiar, though heavily stylized. After the painting does not aspire to the exact version of the landscape, but the mood of what the landscape will look like when the human race has managed to destroy itself after ecological disasters. Despite the gloomy scenery is beautiful, dangerously beautiful. Works with bright colors and a controlled use of the landscape make the serie enjoyable. But none of us want that picture with the last caravan moves along the oddly -colored deserted the country takes place.

Recycling and reuse of discarded materials are an essential part of Elina Parjanen’s work. Works in genres ranging from Art Brutal to naiveism and symbolism. ”The themes of my works comes from close to my heart. Nature, animals, dreams, mysticism. Oh, and love. Love, sexuality, death. Life. I take at random one of the base – wood, paper or fabric – I draw the line, and it takes a life of their own. Maybe that’s why my work evoke such strong emotions, delight or disgust”.


Elina Parjanen,
BA of Fine Art
UAS Art Teacher

Art Membership:
Tampere Artist Association
Finnish Painters’ Union
Pirkkala Art Association (honorary member)

Tampere Polytechnic School of Art and Media, BA, 2004
Teacher Educational College of Jyväskylä Polytechnic, 1997
Tampere Polytechnic School of Art and Media,
specialized professional studies, environmental art, 1996
Kankaanpää Art School, department of painting, 1991
Voionmaa institute, theatre directing, 1987
Matriculation examination, art department, 1984
Several courses in various fields of art

Solo Exhibitions:
Gallery Ronga, Tampere, Finland, 2017
Keskus Galleria, Tampere, Finland 2015
Tampere Hall, Artist of the Month, Tampere Artists’ Association, 1.9.-31.10.2015
Tampere Maja, Tartto, Estonia, 6.11.-30.11.2014,
Galerie Forum Berlin am Meer, Berlin, Germany, 4.-18.5.2014
Galleriari, Mikkeli, Finland, 1.-30.7. 2014
Naantali, Finland, July 2013
Tampere Hall 1999
The University of Tampere, 1999
The Alexander Church, Tampere, 1995, 1996

Joint Exhibitions:
Several joint exhibitions, Gallery Ronga, Tampere, 2016-2017
Several joint exhibitions, Tampere Artist Association, 2016-2017
Wonkwang University, Iksan, Etelä-Korea 2016
Artcenter Ahjo, Joensuu, Finland, 2013
Invited to Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France, 2012
Finland Station, Loft Etagi, St. Petersburg, Russia 2011
Artcenter Ahjo, Joensuu, Finland, 2000
Hämeenlinna International juried Exhibition 1999
Turku International video and performance festival, 1999, (invited)
Jämsä summerART, 1998
Mänttä Art weeks (invited), Turku 1995
Annual exhibition of Union of Finnish Art Associations, Alvar Aalto museum, Jyväskylä 1992

Curator, Art Center Purnu 2010 (Orivesi, Finland)
The respective manager of the Art Center Purnu 2011 and 2012
Curator, Pirkkala Art Association Art exhibition 2011 (Tampere, Finland)

Finnish Cultural Foundation grant, 2010
Finnish Fund for Art Exchange, grant for exhibitions for The group of Raja-arvo, 1999
City of Tampere for further artistic Education, 1997
Alli and Allan Salo grant for artistic work, 1993

Works in Collections:
Tampere Art Museum / City on Tampere
Ticketmaster, Finland
City of Kankaanpää
City of Ikaalinen
Pälkäne community
J.Akef Collection New York, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Study and Work Trips Abroad:
Berlin, Germany, 2014
Marbella, Art residence, Spain 2006
Ireland 2004
London 2003
Kenya 2002
Karelia districts in Russia 1995-1996
Zagreb 1994
New York 1994

2.12.2015-9.1.2016 Keskus Galleria, Tampere